SuperPID for DeWalt 611 - shop closed? Alternatives?

I have an X-Carve w/ a 611 router that works great on wood but I’d like to dial down the speed for better results with plastics.

My goals here are as follows:

  • Retain cutting power so I can continue to cut hardwoods when necessary (611 is an 840W AC motor)
  • Add speed control down to some reasonable value to cut acrylic and the like
  • Bonus: allow speed control from the X-Controller

Things I’d like to avoid:

  • Spending a huge pile of money
  • Dealing with water cooling

The SuperPID controller looks like a good solution to this. The price isn’t cheap but I can live with it. My larger problem is that I’ve made several attempts over the last couple weeks to contact them at with no response. They might be shutdown due to quarantine but it’d be nice if they mentioned that somewhere on their page or via email autoresponder.

So, lacking any way to actually purchase a SuperPID right now… what alternatives have people found out there? I found the list of tested spindle solutions and I see a few options there which might work. However, it appears I’m left with a 400W (or less) DC brushless solution which means losing more than half of my current power output, or a VFD-driven solution which looks like a $300+ adventure by the time everything is purchased. This puts me at > 2x the price of a SuperPID.

3+ weeks after ordering I received my first email from the shop after sending 4 requests for information. They are running a “massive delay” on orders but thankfully are still alive and kicking. They haven’t shipped my order yet, but have at least acknowledged receiving the payment and might even ship out the product at some point.

If I have any advice… maybe don’t pay extra for expedited shipping because apparently that doesn’t expedite responses from the shop nor any shipment.

Good to hear you made contact, fingers crossed your unit arrives soon.