Superpid reviews?

So I see threads on installing it, grounding it, making it work from xcontroller, etc… but very few (I found one) people actually reviewing it.

Does it hold up?
Perform it’s function well?
Do you think it was worth it (over setting speed 1)? Would you have gone a different direction in hindsight?

Love mine. The biggest plus is the constant speed AND torque. Also being able to set the speed anywhere you need it.

that’s good to hear. Was surprised to see lots of posts about the front end and then kind of silence about the actual experience part. Guess it’s one of those, no news is good news situations

Do you find yourself using the different speeds often? Does it allow you to cut more effective/efficiently?

I have the Dewalt as well and look at the SuperPID as an expensive but easier solution than routing another power supply and using a spindle. I’m arguing with myself about which way to go and need somebody to convince me either way, I guess.

I think most folks that are running the Dewalt DWP611 as a spindle just set it to 1 or 2 with the onboard speed control and leave it alone.

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K I am starting my xcarve build this weekend and familiar with the leave it on 1 .

I do have some beginner training on commercial CNC from the local makerplace (unfortunately, at $40/day pass to use it it’s not great for goofing around) and they definitely drilled in the feeds and speeds mantra.

So I’ve been focused on the whole xcarve can’t be driven at a fast enough feed rate to match the DeWalt slowest setting (this makes total sense to me).

Anyways , certainly like the appeal of DeWalt + superpid ($130+$155 = $285)… vs I haven’t found a 110v VFD air cooled 0.8w chinese spindle… 220v sure. Regardless of whether compromise voltaged or air cooling, talking about a difference of $50 or so. Like the idea of super PID as it’s an upgrade path… if I just get too annoyed at improper speed and feed , just need to get the superpid kit. Hence my question about people actually using it.

There are certainly enough people using DeWalt on speed 1 that it must work ok. How long are bits lasting… I mean that’s the consequence right, dulled bits and/or burnt wood or melted plastic.

You can use a Makita with a shim in the DeWalt mount. It’s rated at 10000 rpm to 30000 rpm, but mine will do 8600 rpm (lowest setting) right out of the box.

I think low end on the superPID is 5000 rpm.

that’s the RT0701C right? That certainly seems “better” in a lot of ways at $99 on amazon to boot. Glad the mount could be adapted, but now regretting the 1/8 collet for dewalt with my order… that cost more than the mount! :slight_smile:


As a side note a couple of us worked on getting software control of the Makita rpm using G-code. It’s not a superPID, but it works.

Any thoughts on adapting one of the brushless trim routers like this Ridgid:

Or Makita:

You would have to power it with a DC supply and possibly add a speed controller. One key advantage would be that there are no brushes to wear out.

Just thinking…