SuperPID upgrade progress

Managed to get the SuperPID upgrade finished (figured I’d do that during my build - ugh). So first thing was replacing the power cord with nice yellow power-cord (16ga2) from Mcmaster-Carr.

First bypass the internal controls with a butt-splice

Then place the sensor into the device. I didn’t like their recommendation to drill from the outside and have the wire outside the case (somewhat fragile IMO) so worked it inside. I drilled 4 tiny holes to run some wire to hold it in place. Once I have verified it works, I will reopen and hot glue on top of the wire to hold it in place more firmly. Then very carefully painted 1/3 of the rotor with white-out (may is that brush not designed for this). Then scraped all the whiteout off the spring in the middle, because the stupid foam brush…

Then dremel a notch from the case to accommodate the sensor wire to run with the power cord.

Then finally close it all up! And it looks nice.