Support Services

Had anyone else had an issue with customer service? I’m trying to get a replacement part for my x carve that was damaged during shipping. I was told on the phone the part would probably be here the next day but it’s just short of a week and have not received my part. Haven’t received any answer to my email and I’m getting very disappointed with inventables customer service.

Any suggestions?

I have found there customer service to be way above average and would classify as some of the best i have dealt with.


Call again.


It’s a very busy time for them with Black Friday deals, shipping, etc. They have fantastic support, but I’m sure they’re just a bit underwater right now. Hang in there…

That’s surprising.
I’m very sure that something fell through the cracks.
When I had a problem and called them, I had the new part the next day.
Do you have a tracking number?
Call them up.
They will definitely take care of you.

I recently purchased and assembled my first x-carve. I had an issue with it getting power (no it wasn’t the e-stop!) and they took the time and walked me through certain steps to determine what the issues were. They ordered me a new top board and front board. After I received those and installed them, I called customer service again and they walked me through the machine set up. Very patient and very friendly. Best customer service I have had in a long time. I was very impressed with Giovanna and John. I would definitely give them a call again and another chance.


Thank you everyone who responded. I finally received my part today and inventables even offered me a credit for my inconvenience. So their follow through was awesome. I guess there was an issue with Fed-ex. Again, thank you everyone for the help and advice.


If I were you I would call again. I ordered the 1000mm on black friday and just got it up and going yesterday. While testing it out I found that the PCB power supply and control interface was bad. I called Inventables yesterday 12/16 around 3pm and today 12/17 I had a new one in the overnight mail. I can’t say enough a there great customer service. the lady
i talked with was very knowledgeable, and yes it did fix my problem.

I just purchased mine and right off the bat one of the x axis rails was damaged and they said they would over night it. Now moving forward with the rest of the build the main arm with the x carve logo is warped and won’t allow the wheels to move freely! All the locks are set to open so the space cannot get any larger and on one side it glides fine. The other it won’t budge. After sending photos and video proof they said they will send me a replacement (say they have only seen this once) but I won’t see the part for 5 days! With this big of a purchase I was not expecting this never mind the 5 days I now have to wait to finish building