Support tabs in fusion 360 - i know how, but


So… i have an object - i make a 2d face contour, and add support tabs. Then i do an 3d adaptive clearing, but that doesnt see the support tabs, ie. it will end up cutting them off.

how do i solve this? anyone?

Hey - first of all, thanks for the swift reply.

So a few things; i have some doublesided tape - this is what you mean by securing the piece right? My problem with this, has been that eventually my bit gets into the dbl sided tape, and it just goes haywire and sticks to the bit, so im not too keen on this solution, unless you have some further advice on this?

For the .08 - im assuming you mean inches, which translates to 0.2 mm - which is not alot. But by doing this, that means my support tabs would then only have to be 0.2mm also - because at this point, thats all thats left. So do you make a ton of automatic generated tabs in order for it to hold or?

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So you have a Carvey - and you put a piece of mdf on top of the bed, secure that, then drill into the stock, so it sticks to the mdf but not the carveys wasteboard… ?

Sounds more like you have an xcarve! :slight_smile:

lastly, when i generate tabs, sometimes they point inwards… got a quick fix for this? And thanks for taking the time!

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Ah ok - thanks.

Nice batmobile :slight_smile:

Btw, when im cutting in acrylic im úsed to cutting 0.5 mm at a time; fusion suggests cutting 5 mm at a time ( in a 5mm stock ) - i know how to reduce it, but im just wondering, isnt 5mm at a time pretty harsh = is it just a bogus suggestion from fusion, or do i need to experiment with deeper cuts for roughing?

One last thing; i do have the setup now, but it seems to generate a ton of errors (rapid stock collision) on 3d adaptive clearing. I did set the stock height to 0.1 higher - any clue what this might be as a quick fix?

And again, thanks i do appreciate it - and sorry for asking over and over… i do google search, i promise :smiley:

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Yeah i kinda figured - thanks; ill stick to my 0.5mm which has worked for me earlier. May i ask what feedrate/speed settings you use for acrylic?

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Thanks a bunch - youve been very helpful!

Aight, im off to try this whole fusion carve on my carvey and see what goes wrong… :slight_smile:

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So Phil, can i pick your brain about one more thing!

Using meshcam, it cuts exactly what i want - if i make an item 0.4mm thick in the model, it comes out extremely close to that.

I did a fusion cut yesterday - a small frame, with 1mm walls. All of those walls are roughly 1.5mm - any clue as to why?

I used 3d adaptive cut to make the whole thing, stopped 0.2mm before - then i did a separate adaptive to cut out most parts through bottom, and finally did a face contour, to cut out the tabs.