Supporting the waste board on a large machine

Hi again! Someone on a different forum had mentioned that the large waste board on an upgraded Shapeoko 2 tended to sag over time without some additional support underneath. Understandable, as unfinished MDF isn’t going to be stable for eternity.

It looks like the X-Carve’s waste board is attached to some 20mm extrusion on the left and right sides of the machine. For a 1000x1000 machine, do you think it might be prudent to buy a couple extra lengths of that extrusion to use as extra support? I imagine that just laying them down parallel to the X-axis would be plenty good enough. Any thoughts, O Great Inventables staff (or anyone else)? :slight_smile:

I noticed some sagging on my Shapeoko 2 over time. I just purchased some additional extrusions to support the waste board and it fixed the issue.

If you buy the 1000mm wasteboard with an X-Carve using the configurator, you get additional supports for the center.


That’s great, Bart, thanks! I did indeed order the whole shebang, so that (apparently non-existent) problem is already solved. :smiley: You guys really seem to have thought the X-carve through, and I am really really really looking forward to getting mine. I appreciate the help!

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