Surface Relief Map of the United States

Just came across this the other day. Pretty sure some people here would be interested in this,

Let me know if you want to do this and need help with the mapping/GIS operations. I do that for a living.


This is really cool! I have wanted to give one of these a try for a while now. 150+ hours seems pretty reasonable for the whole united states lol. Wouldn’t in be cool to have an entire 10’x25’ wall of the world in a relief map carved by CNC!

That’s very cool. Definitely on my bucket list. Not only is that map cool, but check out that Krenov cabinet!

Roger - I just may take you up on that, my parents have acreage in central Kentucky and one of the things that I wanted to do was create a 3D map w\ the XCarve of their property, since that area of the country is very hilly and has some interesting geographical features. I am going to walk thru the article and I may just hit you up for some help on getting the topo data for that region.

Thanks! This is a great article

You betcha. If I can help you, I’m happy to do so.

This is great. I have used google sketchup and fusion 360 to do some very specific topology. I have tried USGS for data 3 times now, each failed, so I look forward to yet another set of directions

This is about 3in x 5in x 1.5in