Surfacing a spoilboard

Is there a file somewhere for surfacing a spoilboard, 750mm X Carve

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eum… make your own?
5 seconds of work should be within the realm of possibilities no?

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Simple draw a square in Easel, sized approriately, set it to stepover = 80% and use a larger bit.
Do shallow depth per pass until the entire drawn square is uniform.

The Xcarve is not capable of reaching the entire stock waste board, so design the square with that in mind.

Do a search for surface spoil-board. This has been covered extensively.


I use a 3/4" bit from home depot, 0.03" depth of cut @ 0.03" per pass, 70 IPM feed rate and 30 IPM plunge. If it doesn’t cut to the edges like you want I start a carve and manually move the bit around the wasteboard so that I can use the sensors to stop it at the limits.

I probably could’ve bumped the feed rate up more but I wasn’t going to push it.

you should never manually move the carriage.

dangerous to you and to your driver board.
just a psa :wink:

I meant manually using the arrows keys from the carve screen. not manually as in pushing the carriage around.


i set the travel distance to avoid that. definitely not using the standard 0.1" lol. usually Id set it to avoid any stopping while cutting.

for leveling a small missed section of spoilboard taking off only ~0.02" it works fine. to each their own tho.,

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