Surfacing in easel cant even carve an entire square?

Heard it’s been buggy but tried to use it to surface my waste board and just a square with infill does this? I cannot get it to carve the entire inside…

Seems like the bit you are trying to use is really small, especially if you are using a surfacing bit.
Make sure the bit size matches with the bit you will be using, that should help!

Easel design is in inches yet the bit diameter is in mm?
0.620mm is indeed very small for surfacing…

For surfacing also set step over = 80% vs the default 40% value Easel provide.

It shouldn’t matter what bit size or step over is selected, the toolpaths should generate a complete square anyways.

Make sure there’s not a rogue square in the design.

And for surfacing you can chose whatever step over you want. The larger the step over, the more prevalent any out of tram issues appear but if you’re tram, it doesn’t actually matter.

Ok I did enter inches oops but still doesn’t explain missing square? Made it in vcarve now wish I thought to change step over but half done now

I checked only the 1 square

40% stepover = longer cut time vs 80-90% step over.
If you have time, then it won’t matter :slight_smile:

So fixing the bit size by clicking inches actually fixed the square. This is what happens when you live up north and take the winter off of carving…

So I was intrigued by this phenominom.

I took my skim cut project (60% step-over), moved the bit size WAY down (0.06mm) and I got this:

So my guess is this is either a Gcode line limit or a simulation artifact. So I exported the Gcode and simulated it:

Even the exported code is not a complete square. Changing the bit size to be 0.5 mm and it changes to:

Exporting that Gcode, both files contain 5019 lines of code.

Once you increase the bit size to be large enough to cover the entire surface, the amount of code (obviously) goes down.

It appears this is a limit of Easel to only generate around 5000 lines of code.

@Ruwan @JeffTalbot is this just an Easel limitation? Any other thoughts?

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Hey look at that my stupidity may have actually shed light on something? Lol

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Yes, there is a limit coded into Easel at which point it will stop generating tool paths. This most likely happens for combinations of stepover and bit size that are impractical. We are going to work on an enhancement to provide a better user experience and avoid silently truncating the tool paths. We’ll follow up here when we have an improvement out.