Surfacing MDF Waste-board

I understand the concept of surfacing MDF waste-boards to ensure levelness. My concern is after surfacing the MDF will double-sided tape still stick as well as an unsurfaced board to hold projects down? MDF tends to get fuzzy when cut is what worries me. Thanks for any input!

Try sealing it with some shelac and maybe a little fine sanding between coats.
That should help with adhesion.

you can also use 50/50 wood glue and water, common sealant for MDF in wood working. then just sand it with some 320 and you’re good.

A legit concern, but this didn’t end up being a problem for me.

This is the bit I used for surfacing the wasteboard and has also come in handy for clearing layers of paint off projects.

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Great another CNC bit to buy lol. Thanks for all the input. Very helpful!

Thanks, I just ordered that bit.

I bought a 3/4" bottoming bit for Aliexpress $4.37. You need to buy the 6mm collet but once you have it all the bits are dirt cheap.

It works great, too, if you spraypaint a project and want to remove the top layer. Saves tonnnns of sanding. Wish I could upload the short video of it at work … fascinating to watch.


Indeed it does, I use a cheap 3/4" wood bit for similar ops when doing epoxy inlays.