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Surfacing the Spoilboard/ Wasteboard

I am having a heck of a time getting information on how to resurface my wasteboard. Can someone please direct me to a video or something that explains how to do this? Thank you.

in easel you’d create a rectangle pocket to the desired depth, with the desired bit and run the job. Now you may want to identify the max movement of your specific machine and make the rectangle a tiny bit smaller than that to ensure you don’t hit any limits…

Thank you but I’m looking for a video if possible on this topic. I appreciate the reply but as a beginner I’m afraid it’s just not enough information for me.

I have a video showing surfacing a workpiece, you’d just need to alter the dimensions to match your work area, which would differ from cnc model to cnc model :man_shrugging:

And this one shows a sacrificial wasteboard added on top and the surfacing of that…

Do you have a surfacing bit?
You don’t want to surface the Inventables wasteboard, get a piece of 1/2" MDF
Use the XCare to cut the holes in the MDF to match the holes in the Inventavbles wasteboard so you can use the inserts.
9 of the holes you can make bigger so you can attach that piece of MDF to the inserts in the wasteboard.
Cut to a finish size of 29.5" X 29.5"
Then surface the piece of 1/2" MDF and that will be your new wasteboard and you will have access to your inserts.
You can resurface it quite a few times before it needs replacing.
Easel - Wasteboard for XCarve