Surfacing wasteboard question

Hey community. I’m going to ask this newbie question so please be gentle. I’ve reached the point where I need to resurface my wasteboard. I’ve searched the forum and YT, etc, but never found what I’m looking for.

To resurface the wasteboard, is it nothing more than creating in Easel a square the size of my cutting area (1000x1000) set at say .5MM cut depth and effectively letting it run? And if i have some low spots just resetting the cut depth and going again. Is that all there is?


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Yup, this might help.

CNC BED LEVEL | Inventables


It can be that simple

That is good. I like how easy it is.
But what do you do the next time you do a tiling job?
Do you then have to level your work somehow?


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well that’s why my wasteboard surface is slightly smaller than the area that the bit can actually reach, resulting in no lips at all… AND why the new X-Carve uses the modular wasteboard with the front and back with a step down, allowing it to be surfaced with no lip front/back But there is still a small side lip left… unless you use a very large surfacing bit…

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Is there a good leveling bit you suggest? I think it has to be 1/4" shaft with the collets I got with my kit.

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this might help

(80) Best Surfacing Bit For CNC Router, Spoil Board Resurfacing - Garrett Fromme - YouTube

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I use the 1" version of this one, but I’m linking this one because with the 10% off coupon it makes it less expensive than the smaller 1" one…

the bit is relatively inexpensive and the replacement blades are only $7 each, making the long term price even better.

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