Surfacing wasteboard ridges

Hi all, me again. Trying to get this machine setup right from the start so I don’t mess up too many projects needlessly. I am surfacing my wasteboard and there are tiny ridges on my Y axis but none on the Z axis. What causes that and how do I fix it?

So I see the same when I surface in Raster or along the Y axis, but it is minimized when I surface along the X Axis. So now I only surface running X axis.

Probably due to Z-axis to be out of tram (leaning) and not 100% perpendicular to the X/Y plane.

Imagine the Z being tilted 30deg => you’ll get a lot of ridges.

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So when I surface using Raster. I get ridges on both sides of the square pattern that is left behind in Raster.

If my bit was tilted to the right 30 degrees, wouldn’t the ridges be on the right side of the bit on both sides? It can’t be tilted in both directions. I’ll add a picture later on tonight.

The ridges left behind at least for me, are always on the outside of the bit. For instance if it’s traveling on the Y axis right side of board the ridge being left behind is on the right side of the bit. And vise versa, when the bit is traveling on the Y axis on the left side of the board the ridge that the bit is leaving behind is on the left side of the bit.

Any ideas?