Surfacing Wasteboard

I have looked all over the forum, and probably missed the post on it so I will ask it again. Sorry for any repeats. Is it possible to set up to run a surfacing bit over the waste board on Easel? I have a 3/4" flat bit with a 1/4" shaft and want to put another sacrificial waste board over the existing factory one. I have looked all over Easel, but not being that cnc savy yet, I may have looked right at it and missed it. If Easel won’t do it is there a program that I can run to take a small surface cut off the waste board to make it level with the z axis? Once again, thanks for the help in advance, and sorry if I am asking the same old questions. I just retired today so can get a lot of playing in on my new Xcarve, if I can get smart enough to run it. Ron

You could just draw a box the size of your waste board on easel and make your cut very shallow.

I knew it had to be something simple, thanks I will give that a try tomorrow morning. I told you I need a lot of help in this cnc world.

Once you’ve done it Ron, remember to mark your new wasteboard with how it fits.

Because you’ll take it off to fiddle with the X-Carve and then have no idea which way it fitted when putting it back.

Says the guy who has done this. Twice. :smile:



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Thanks for the tip Ian, I need all the help I can get. This thing looks like a lot of fun once you figure it out. The software end will be my undoing. Thanks again. Ron