Sushi boards using Dewalt DWP611

Gotta say I’m loving my Dewalt DWP611 on my X-carve… Here are a couple sushi boards i made out of sugar maple and black walnut. the Bit i was using even created a ZEN sand garden in the cut out that i decided to keep as it looks pretty cool to me… Cut both of these in under 8 minutessingle sushi board (1.2 MB) two sushi boards (1.0 MB)


Windows users can add “.jpg” to the end of those files to see them [edit: I had previously said “.mov”]

Hmm those were just Jpegs wonder why they didn’t show up.

let me try again…two sushi boards (1.0 MB)

Nope something is happening when upload. its striping off the file extension for some reason…