Suuuuper slow performance today

Not sure what was going on today, but this morning Easel was crazy slow and hung a bunch for me.

I wasn’t doing anything special, just editing a few layouts. I had real problems zooming in and out, and then everything started going super slow - big lags in scrolling and mouse clicks.

Everything else on my machine was fine (good internet speeds, no scrolling lag on other apps). It was the same using both Chrome and Safari. Obviously, I’m on a mac. All software is up to date. Am using the Pro features (detailed preview, v-carve, etc)

Re-booting seemed to reset it for a couple of minutes, and then it slowed again.

I’ve given up for now.

Anyone else have any similar problems to this? Did I make a goof?


Did the sluggishness happen after you moved,added,edited a piece. Was “Saving…” visible near the top. If so, internet problem.

I was having problems with a remote session with someone today.

yeah it must have been t’internet. It seemed back to normal tonight…

Apologies for misleading…


It’s one of the beefs I have with ‘cloud computing’.

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I have been having issues too… just one of those days I guess

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