SVG file issues

Hello! I have uploaded a SVG file and it doesn’t seem to pick up all the lines once i have generated detailed preview, can anyone help???

What size bit are you using? If the bit is to big then the lines will not show up in the detailed preview.

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I’m using a 1.5mm bit, some parts of the line show up but others don’t however the lines are the same width

Please share your Easel project if possible.

Easel - Share - Puclic - Copy URL, save, paste URL here.

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I am new to this and I am having the same issue, I designe my project and it looks good, but when I click generate detailed preview, only a few marks are on the “board”.

Can any one help on this issue. My projects is saved below.


Your bit diameter (0.15") is too big to fit between the design constraints.
Entering a smaller diameter bit or a V-bit will give you a better result.

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