SVG Files not working

What are the best files to use with Easel…I have a lot of images I have saved from Pinterest…some will carve…some won’t…and some will carve just parts of the image…not sure where to go from here…about to give up with this machine

Can you upload an SVG that doesn’t work here?
Add some details about what is working and what isn’t.

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Sandra, do not panic. We all have the same issue with this. I download files from Pinterest and like you some work dead easy and others need some adjustment before they will, and others just wont. Really adjust the ‘Threshold’ when you up load an image, tweak it until it gets what you want, i Also use an SVG converter on some files, and even then some do not work on the ‘fill’ option, you do have to use outline instead.

I have also used GIMP to touch in lines which don’t show up well in Easel, this also helps.

But sometimes the image quality of the downloads just does not play and you have to use ‘outline’ or just find another image.

hope this helps.


Ok…ty…I will keep trying

Sometimes you have to click individual elements, change the layering and or change the outline to fill. combine or delete some of the pieces. Not all SVG files are created equal. Sometimes the bad ones have so many elements they take time to sort through and clean up. Like Neal said share your file we may be able to help. If you don’t want to share it on the forum you can message it to one of us. Steve