Svg files problem

i’m trying to make svg files from my own images. but the svg files arn;t accepted by the software. can any one help . ps this is my first try just finished assembly of my machine

Dude. I found all kinds of cool stuff to mess me up when I first started doing this. And when I first started doing this I mean like two weeks ago. What I suggest is drawing a line and then clicking the different cut methods. On the path, inside outside whatever. Just see what a simple line does. That’s inside easel. Once you understand what easel does as a controller of the router you’ll understand more as you bring things in from other editing software. I use procreate, illustrator Inkscape affinity designer and they all do weird stuff when interacting with cad/cam software. You really have to tinker with what works for you. There are tons of nice people on here who will help you

Where are you making the svg (what software)?

Is easel giving you an error? If so what does it say.

You can add attachments here if you don’t mind posting one that easel isn’t uploading.

It said to remove images. Remove gradients and clip path. Export using using svg tiny. The jpeg to sign was nchsoftware. The image was trace pattern of one of our product

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Sounds like imbedded image issue, along with gradient color tones.

I’m not familiar with nchsoftware and my search resulted in a website full of random softwares…

Here’s how I do it with inkscape, which is free, so that might be a work around that you could try, at least to see if you can get it to work, and then go back to your other method and work out exactly what the issue(s) are that’s causing the problems :man_shrugging:

Can you share the original image and the SVG you made from it?

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Thanks will give it a try

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