SVG Files, what do you use to create them?

Hello Everyone!

I am obviously very new to this. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the process. from what I’m reading, it sounds like people are creating an SVG file in program “a” them importing it into Easel. My question is, what is the most common program used to create SVG files? I am looking at some high degree of accuracy as I will be using this machine to make guitars bodies, necks, etc. Any suggestions of software, or tutorial would be most appreciated.

Thank you!


People mostly using InkScape. It is also free.

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FWIW, I’ve also converted a bunch of images (GIF, JPEG, etc.) using free online conversion tools into SVG - this is obviously 2D but it might give you a decent start.

If you’re familiar with SketchUp, there are also ways to get designs from that through the design-to-gcode cycle. I find SketchUp a little easier for 3D designs (which I then convert to STL) and there’s also a plug-in for it to convert 2D faces into SVG format.

Adobe Illustrator is my pick. Part of Adobe Creative Cloud (small monthly fee with lifetime updates).

Pretty much the standard in the graphics world (I’m a graphics major and work in graphics)