SVG from Inkscape won't import

I have attempted to follow the SVG importing guide to no avail. I have converted everything to a path and there were quite a few points along that path. I removed most of them that were unnecessary. Saved as DXF and then saved again as SVG. That did not work. Modified it to be in mm and not px, still did not work. I am at a loss. Any ideas? This is 1 of 3 pieces all generated from the same starting file. The two other pieces cut just fine.

I have attached the file. Any help would be much appreciated.

I just tried it on my machine and it imports fine, make sure you are using “Import svg” and not trying to open it.

So I am not sure what happened here but if I download it from my above post. It works.

Although it looks a lot different than normal. No outlines like I usually see on the other parts.

When I opened it in inkscape I can’t see the 4 holes? after ungrouping I see a place for upper and lower holes but that’s it.

Ok so there must be something in the background that is not visible. I selected just the pieces that I wanted and inverted the selection and deleted it. Saved it and now it opens.

In my experience Easel only imports reliably from Inkscape when I save as “optimized svg”.

Also we have an SVG import guide you can check out.

I got a response from Easel Support and they found several circles with zero radius. Not sure how I got those or how to identify them. But I guess uploading them removed those artifacts? Not sure how to identify them in the future…
Guess I will always invert select the project and delete…

Justin, those circles with zero radius is the place for the upper and lower holes I was talking about