SVG import cuts inside, outside the line?


I cannot remember: If I import an SVG file into Easel, it appears that every cut line is in the middle of the line. Do I have to go into every element of the drawing and assign “inside” and “outside” the line cutting?

OK, I see the problem, but do not know how to fix it. I do not have “polyline” feature in my cheap, old CAD program (DesignCAD), so it is exporting separate entities (line segments and arcs.) Does anyone know of a converter or some way to join the segments into a single entity, in a DXF or DWG file?

I would use Inkscape which is an open source program that handles vector graphics. it is very powerful program that should handle what you want.

The video by “Dutch” was perfect to show a solution. That did it! Thanks so much!

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Thanks @PhilJohnson I try to help out when I can just like you and lots of other people on here

:beer: Cheers

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It was very helpful! Thanks again!

Does anyone know Inkscape well enough to tell me how to modify either the Inkscape file in Inkscape, or else modify the svg file (in Inkscape or Easel) ?

I want to cut something (for simplicity) like an upside-down U shape, with “feet.” When I use the “Join Selected Nodes” function in Inkscape, it changes the drawing. It removes the feet and adds a line that closes the upside down U.

Thanks in advance for your help.


OK, I figured it out. (De-select the nodes you don’t want included, before hitting ‘Join Selected Nodes.’

This however creates a different problem (now, Easel does not give an option to cut inside or outside of the line), that I will make into a new question.

You can only cut on an open ended line in easel.

Thanks Robert and Chris. One for the suggestion box.