SVG import doesn't look right

I created an svg in Inkscape. some of the objects are out of position.

Any ideas?

eermm… newbie here. how do I upload the svg “as an attachement” so someone could grab it and try importing it

Looking at it now, some funky stuff going on in the file

Did you create the art of is it a trace of some sort?

I actually “manually” traced the shapes in inkscape. if you import it, most everything looks ok… but the 2 outer circles are out of position. Those 2 ovals I created in inkscape as … well circle objects in inkscape.

David, did you get your problem sorted out?

Try this,

that is perfect! what did you do to it to make it work?

There were two inside ovals I delete one and the rest is magic (I just kept on fiddling with it)
Hope it works for ya

Happy Carving!