SVG import : include depth

The possibility to import SVG in Easel is just excellent!
I’m wondering if you have in your backlog something to improve it, like for example a way to define a mapping between layers or colors or objects name in SVG and target carving depth ?



A fill of a shade of grey will equate to a percentage depth of the material being used.

E.g. Import a feature filled to 50% grey (RGB 128, 128, 128), then it will carve at 50% depth of your material. If your material is 10mm it’ll carve to 5mm.




This is my #1 feature request as well since it would greatly improve with the fewest changes to the existing software. I work mostly in my SVG generating software and then I need to import the SVG into Easel and touch it up by setting the height for every shape as well as telling it which paths should be inside, outside, or fill and what tabs to use. If there were meta data that could be used to specify these in the SVG that Easel could read it would be awesome.

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I would also very much like to see a method of creating an .svg file (using Illustrator, Inkscape, etc) that would let Easel know what paths to cut on the line, inside the line, or outside the line; as well as setting specific height values with grayscale colors. It’s good you can calculate depth as a percentage, and if that’s the only way, then I understand, but being able to set specific heights would be very advantageous.

I vote for this ! :slight_smile:

Voting this up!