SVG import not recognizing Grey Shades

This may have been covered somewhere but I’m having a problem importing the different grey scales of an SVG created in Inkscape. When I import into Easel all the SVG objects come in at a full depth cut (black). Is there a way to maintain the different shades so I don’t have to re-adjust all the cut depths in Easel? It’s a fairly detailed SVG but all the grey’s are pretty regular 10, 20, 30, 40% etc… Thanks for any help or advice you may have.

Yes. Well the fill is, not positive on the outlines. Will check that this evening and try and pos a screenshot. There are about 4 shades of grey in the image the svg objects import fine, it just comes in with every object as a full depth black cut. I can adjust each objects depth in Easel but picking them each out of the black blob it imports would be a real pita…

Dang… Was hoping it would maintain the grey scale fills of the SVG image so I didn’t have to re-adjust everything. Was/am planning to use it for a laser burning project. Have had success using Easel to burn solid single shade (depth) images/logos, but was hoping to give a go at multi-shades.