SVG import problem

I keep getting an error when importing my SVG.

It was a design I first converted to PDF, then opened in Inkscape, I did the CTRL+SHIFT+C to remove all text, but it still won’t import. The error says embedded image, but I don’t know how to fix it.

Here is the image: if you want to look.

Your SVG is not a true SVG it is a bitmap graphic embedded in the file. Try saving the file as a bitmap and then import into easel as a trace file

The .svg type Easel is looking for is a vector file. Confusing because svg files can be vector or images.

here is an svg that i made from your image just right click and save image as and select svg document and then open in easel under import svg

a super simple way that is easel compatible is:

Thanks everyone for your help - much appreciated!