SVG Import / Simulation Weird

Having a weird issue with this file.

This is an SVG here and the whole thing is there, I’m not sure why its showing weird in the post.

This is a small part of a larger drawing. The full thing has 9 rows of music and all of it carved well except the bottom of these two samples. Went into Easel to see what’s going on and I can’t get it to even simulate correctly. I can get it to simulate right when its on the “workpiece” but i’m trying to have it so that my x/y zero can be in the center of the board.

Any insights on what’s going on? This is v-carving with 60 degree. When I set it to a 30 degree bit a little more shows. When I put it on 15 degree bit the whole thing carves. But the sizes on the two lines of music are identical so I’m at a loss on why only the second is having this issue. Lastly on the full drawing this isn’t even the bottom line. Ones below and above carved and simulate correctly.

It’s probably not ideal, BUT I took all of the top stuff (except the notes) and copied it down to the bottom and deleted the bottom stuff, (had to move the vertical line in the middle to the left a bit) and then it makes the right toolpaths. . . OR if the design elements are moved up, into the positive carve area (where the material shows) that produced the right toolpaths as well without the copy and re-aligning stuff…

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@SethCNC Thank you as always for the very detailed explanation and going above and beyond with the video. Also thanks for catching that they were slightly different lengths. I got lazy on this one and dragged and dropped for sizing instead of copy pasting numbers in Inkscape.

I went back to inkscape on the original full design and basically did what you did. I deleted the staff that was having the problem and I replaced it with a copy from the one above. Just the staff, not the treble clef sign, key signature or vertical bars. Fixed all the sizing / alignment issues on the whole carve.

Then I imported back into Easel again and shockingly it worked, even in the negative space. Then I copied and deleted everything but the section that screwed up on the carve and set it going.

My best guess is there was something about this staff object that Easel didn’t like, then anything that intersected it AND couldn’t go full depth didn’t get carved either.

The issue was on the next-to-bottom line on the left. You can tell a difference since I’m guessing the z-zero didn’t get exactly the same but it is close enough for a first carve on this design. I definitely need to not carve as deep on the next one (0.04" instead of 0.07").