Svg import to easel

ok need to cut out this part

which luckily includes the svg file. when i import the svg into easel it tells me my bit is too large to reach any point of the project. no matterr which bit i use? do i need to edit the file or something?

You’ll need to select the object, and then change the cut type from Fill to Outline. You’ll run into a problem there, though - since that SVG imports as a single object (I just tried it out), you’ll either be cutting a proper sized frame with oversized holes (cut outside the path,) or an undersized frame with properly sized holes (cut inside the path.) The file really needs to be edited to have all of the “interior” features broken out as separate, selectable objects so the appropriate cut style can be applied to them.

i just downloaded inkscape so im going to try that out (yay more software to learn!) tyvm

Sure thing! :slight_smile: Also, looking at that part under high magnification in Inkscape (hold CTRL and use the scroll wheel to zoom), it’s really very poorly drawn for an SVG. If I were better with Inkscape, I’d offer to re-work it for you, but I’m still a bit garbage-y with it myself. Look at the ends of the arms, you should be able to see that it’s not a continuous path around the perimeter, but a bunch of straight lines laid together in close proximity. Might have been a poor conversion from the DXF version.

I opened it in inkscape.
Changed inkscape units from pixels to inches. (so it will import properly into easel)
Broke apart paths. (Path: Break Apart)
Turns out the curves were duplicated I don’t know why.
I deleted duplicate curves.
Saved As inkscape SVG. (This re-writes it as a new doc with inkscape header info)
Imported to Easel.
How does this look?

I highly recommend getting inkscape.
It is free and can help you fix files for import. :smile:

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wow thats awesome thank you, ive downloaded inkscape and am going to play with it for a while
thank you again!

You might also want to change the big black shapes from fills to inside outlines. Otherwise Easel will have your machine spending a lot of time hollowing out those entire areas rather than just cutting the shapes & letting you remove the pieces.

Good point will do!

Change to inside outlines done.

Hmm, Easel does not want to drill the holes even though they are .129 inch and it is set for a .125 inch bit.
If you bump them up to .132 inches it will carve them.
If that is too big for your screw holes you could have it just carve a shallow hole to use as a drilling guide.
So you may want to play with that a bit.

Yeah, I noticed that Easel requires a slightly larger margin than I typically use for drilling holes or doing dogbones, I haven’t taken the time to figure out what it’s looking for but it seems like .007" is working for you, so I’ll have to remember that for future use.

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