SVG Nest maximizes your cutting material

SVG Nest is a browser based program that allows you to maximize your cutting material when cutting multiple parts.

Found this while browsing my LASER forums.


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You stop it after a couple of runs. It gets better with each run. I think I read where after about 4 runs you will get the best utilization with the existing parameters. He does say it is a work in progress.

This would be pretty awesome as an Easel app… just saying :wink:

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I just want to second that this is a really great program. I used it to nest some OpenDesk chairs, wrote out the SVG and imported into Easel. Worked like a charm. SVGNest is web-based and open-source so it would be great to turn this into an app within Easel to nest all work at the end of a design session. It would save me a few steps at least.

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