SVG Objects moving bug

Hey guys. Trying to import this simple SVG into easel.

It previews fine, but as soon as its imported into easel some of the pieces move way out of alignment. Any idea?


Hey! I’ve actually had the same problem recently. Hasn’t been anything important yet, so it’s a bit of a moot point for me. Maybe try saving it in a different SVG format?

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Gone through all the different save options/settings :frowning:

Hoping for an update on this. I experience this every day.

There is a web based CAM that @RobertA_Rieke mentioned recently. I think he imports the SVG into that, then exports it out and imports it back into Easel. This might work.

Yes, makercam can be used for this but it will remove any compound curve settings made in another program.

Easel is good about keeping things together if they are compound. Complex files with a mix is where it can get a little hairy.

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I really want to give easel a go, but every time I try it something goes wrong.

Easel can be outsmarted. There are a lot of ways to make it obey.

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Easel does not respect the positioning data for the [rect] or [polygon] elements that Illustrator uses to define shapes that don’t have any round corners or curved lines in them.

Here’s what I’ve been doing as a workaround:

In Illustrator, select all, go to Effects --> Stylize --> Round Corners. Enter .004 as the radius. It’s the minimum that Illustrator allows. It won’t change your artwork any appreciable amount, but it will change the .svg file. Then go to Object --> Expand Appearance. Save your .svg and reimport to Easel.

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