Svg to dxf scaling is off! Please help!

Ok so I have a few projects in Easel and they are the exact size I need them to be. I exported them in order to send to a friend and then tried 3 different online conversions to go from svg to dxf. All three conversions come out much much larger than the original SVG. I downloaded inkscape and followed a youtube video to convert the SVG to DXF and still is coming out way to big! What am I doing wrong???

DXF files typically do not have dimensions (just relative coordinates) so you need to scale when using.

Having said that, have a look at whether your source machine is using metric by default for your conversion app, and your target machine is using Imperial / Inches?

Another way to test this is to scale the DXF down by 2.54x and see if it matches your desired scale.

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A trick that I’ve used in the past when people have reported issues with sizes of my designs:
I added a rectangle around the entire design. And I included a note that stated the original size of the rectangle. So after any import the end user can select all and resize the entire project to the dimensions provided for the rectangle and all of the other parts will also be resized, then the user deletes the rectangle and it’s all set to the perfect size.
This method eliminated issues of units of measurement conversions.

side note: I’ve even seen some software that uses a Pixel Count for the sizing, which would actually cause the design size to vary based on the users monitor settings which I find to be an odd method of setting the scaling. :man_shrugging:

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