Hi have a few SVG images I would like to convert to 3D, Is this possable? I have Vectric V-Carve Desktop V.10. Thanks Folks for any help you can give.

I myself don’t know of any software that will do that automatically due to SVG being a flat image. What I do for those situations is use Tinkercad and import the SVG then build the 3D model by placing the objects manually to match the SVG at the height I specify. I do believe Tinkercad is free and is pretty basic meaning it should not be used for very technical 3D models. Another option which will take more of a learning curve is FreeCad I have just started using this for creating 3D models.

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you can use freecad to import the file then from part work-panel pad it to what ever thickness you need. Once you get the model as needed then switch to mesh work-panel and create your STL file from there.
there are a lot of videos out on you-tube to show the process.

You can also do the same with fusion 360. very similar but cloud based and registration is required to use.

here is video which shows the basic

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as for this it would be worth it as you can also use freecad to design and make 3D printed models. and as far as the learning curve goes it is no harder than many other programs and once you get the hang of it you just get better and better.

Thanks Ken, most helpful.

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