SVG zeroing issues with Easel

Has anyone else had zeroing issues while using an imported SVG in Easel? So far every SVG I’ve imported ran with major problems but anything I create within Easel using the pre-made objects runs perfectly.

I have been trying to carve out a honeycomb pattern then cut that pattern out of the material with a rectangle. the first time it did the initial pass of the hexagons perfectly but when it went to start the rectangle, is seemed to lose zero and cut through half my hexagons and ran up and off the material. The next few times Easel seemed to ignore my “Home” after going through the carve setup acting like it was a few inches lower that where I initially set home. Immediately after the last zero issue i deleted the SVG, created something with the built in objects in the same Easel file, reset home and it carved great.

When i generate the tool paths for my SVG everything looks great and there are no signs of an issue.

If anyone has experienced this and has a fix or even a place to start that would be fantastic.


Do you mean using multiple SVG files? Maybe upload what you have so we can look.

The latest try was with a single SVG file. I have tried a number of different ways to create the attached file to get the cutout I am after and even the more complicated setups seemed to import just fine, were easily workable and all the generated tool paths looked spot on.

What did this file do that was not expected?

On my first try I was carving this out on a 7x7 piece of material and after it successfully carved the first pass of the grid then it decided to start the outer rectangle half way up the grid on the x axis and ran off the material on the y. the second time after homing my machine to the lower left corner of the material it started carving about an inch and a half too low and ran off the board and when i stopped it and the mill returned “home” it was the same inch and a half below the original “home” on the Y axis.

Thogh curiously I have since made a completely different design, even more complicated, saved and imported the same way as the honey comb design and as i type this it is carving wonderfully…

Once again, I’ve had a misfire. A design that has worked previously was a few passes deep and my x-carve decided to lose its home position and carve through the design. When i stopped the process and the spindle returned “home” just over -1" on the Y axis…

Ok, So after several misfires with my zeroing mid carve I’m pretty sure it was my belts becoming loose. I am in the first few days of real carving and so my belts have stretched causing gear slippage, most notably on the Y axis. The initial way the assembly instructions explain to tighten the belts works but not all that well. Especially after a few days of stretching. I have re-routed my belts like the image attached and they are much much more secure. I hope this helps someone down the road.