SVT files not uploading into Easel

So I have converted my image to a SVT file and now Easel won’t upload it into Easel. Its saying its to big but its only 648kb. Any ideas on what to do?

SVT? the file should be SVG

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Yes, SVG just a typo.

Can you show us an image of the file? or share the file so we can take a look for you?

![Camp MacRae Deer|291x500](upload://cgfDuVRpEVI0154dfa5uYQ6sxk8.svg

I don’t see anything, the file saves as an HTML Document. Just because something is saved as an SVG doesn’t make it an SVG. I can save a JPEG as an SVG and Easel will not import it. Can you share a picture of what you’re looking for?