Sweet Gum wood for a table top?

I am creating a bicycle table with metal supports and a wood top. It will have a logo laser etched in the corner of the table top.
I spoke to a Lumber mill who said he had a sweet gum slab the size I need 2"x 18"x 68". Does anyone know if this type wood would work OK in this application or will it warp and bow over time? thanks in advance.

All wood will change with the seasons and differences in humidity.
Best results will be with wood that has been kiln dried then acclimated to its final environment before leveling.
All hardwood is most stable when quarter sawn and least stable when flat sawn.
A slab from near the center of the log but without the pith will be most stable after drying.

Interesting topic. Never worked with sweetgum. Google search shows that it’s more stable than oak, so should be good for this application … assuming the things Mark mentions are taken care of. (humidity, how it’s cut, etc.)