Switch limited

The switch limited did not work. Why?? (I have a X carve machine)

Have you attempted to trigger each switch manually and see if it is activated in the Machine Inspector?

Also, in the machine inspector type in “$$” and look at $21. It should be $21=1. If it is not, change it to 1 by issuing the command $21=1 in the TextBox and hit Enter.


Brandon Parker

Hello Brandon,
Thank you for your help. I want to ask you: I changed the $21 to 1. But, when I checked the switches limited by my hand, I see that the machine had stopped move. This is good status?? it’s means, when I touch (hit) the switches limited by my hand, the machine is stopped move, and when I remove my hand from the switches limited, the machine did not move again. Is it good status?? or this is wrong status??

This is correct. You will just need to reset the Alarming condition or power down & back up. Then Home the machine; it should Home to the limit switches if everything is set up correctly. After that, you should be able to start carving.

The limit switches on the X-Carve are typically only used for Homing the machine so that it knows where it’s Machine (X, Y, Z) Zero is located. During the homing process GRBL (the firmware running the machine) is expecting the limit switches to be activated and it doesn’t go into an Alarming/Faulted state. When the machine is under normal operation and moving around, any activation of a limit switch will cause GRBL to Alarm/Fault haulting all machine motion and canceling the job until the user intervenes. You cannot then just go back into carving again. You would just have to start over.

Note that if you added limit switches at the other ends of each axis and wired them in series with the other one in each axis you would have “Hard Limits” for the machine, but that is not typically what people do. Since GRBL has “Soft Limits” available, you can just enable them if you have the Homing Limit Switches installed. When this is done, GRBL will Alarm/Fault if it is commanded to go beyond the stated machine travel (set in settings) limits away from the Homing Limit Switches.


Brandon Parker

I replied to your question above…


Brandon Parker

When I check the switches limited, I did not see green light. Why?

Do the green icons in Easel Machine Inspector light up green when homing switch for X/Y/Z is pressed by hand?

  • No.

I did understand what you mean. Are you mean to write (to change the value) $21=0 and the $20=1 and $27=3??. Now, the values are: $21=1, $20=0, $27=1.

If the switches dont make contact they will not give a green light in Machine Inspector.
Check wiring by bypassing the switch itself by contacting the two wire leads directly to eachother. If that also fail bypass the wire by making direct contact on the Xcontroller limit output.

Any change?

Thank you for your reply. I did not understand. Do you mean to contact the red wire with the black wire??

Yes. You “act as the switch”.
If it now work then your connection to the switch is incorrect or the switch is faulty.
If still no joy then your wiring or board is not ok.

But I am worry if I contact the red wire with ground black wire to make damage to X controller.

What do you think a switch does?
I am obviously talking about the two wires that are intended to connect to the physical switch.

A switch bridge a gap, if you make the connection touch eachother you are the switch.

Ok. I will try it.