Switch status reporting for X-Carve

Hi Everyone,

We have released new functionality in the Easel Machine Inspector so that you can view the status of the following on your X-Carve:

  • X, Y, and Z Axis Homing Switches
  • X-Controller Pause Button
  • X-Controller Run (Play) Button
  • X Controller Soft Reset (Soft Stop) Button
  • Z Probe status

Here is a screenshot of the new Machine Inspector panel for X-Carve users:

23 PM

We are excited to deliver this feature for X-Carve and X-Controller users.


Great, Well Done !!!

Just curious but since this shows the status of the switches at any time, is it possible to enable a software pause in the event the switches are pressed during a carve as hard limits?

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Yes, it is possible to do that:

No you cannot use hard limits as a pause. Hard limits cause an alarm in grbl and you have to reset to continue

You can pause using the Pause button or if you want to have a hardware pause use feed hold.

I don’t think you’d want to pause. If you hit a limit switch, you want the machine to stop. Like @LarryM said, it will throw an alarm state and need to be reset.

Sorry, I should have been more clear about what I was asking. I know about hard limits but for some reason I was under the impression the limit switches had to be wired as NC for that to work. But from what I read that you shared thats not the case. NO in parallel also should work.

I was thinking a pause would be better as it would allow you to then cancel the job without having to reset everything, re-home etc. But I see what you mean that it should really be a last resort alarm.

I don’t really ever have an issue with running into the limits but I couldn’t really see the benefit of showing the status of these switches in the control panel.

Basically a setup and troubleshooting aid.

Um, I’m sure that’s useful in troubleshooting for folks, but I’d rather you engineers develop features we’ve been asking for.

We appreciate the feedback we get on the forum, and we take it into account when planning new features and improvements. When deciding on what our next features will be, we take a holistic look at our customers and their needs and weigh a number of different factors in approaching solutions and prioritizing work.