Switching between Dewalt and 300W Quiet Drill

I have both drills, and I’d like to use most of the time the 300W drill, and for hardwork the Dewalt drill.

I’ve both mounts but only 1 ACME nut, and 1 set of V-wheels, so if I want to switch drills, I need to transpose all the components to the other mount.

What’s the best option? Buy another v-wheels kit? But I can’t find the acme delrin nut alone, just the kit.
Buy the standard-wheel-carriage-plate? Is it intended for this situations? But I’ll need to drill my current mounts isn’t it? I’t could be hard by hand, because of the alignment. https://www.inventables.com/technologies/standard-wheel-carriage-plate#file-attachment-disclaimer

Thanks and my best regards

Best advice I can offer is “don’t bother”. The lifespan on the 24V spindle is so short that just about the time you get it all set up, the spindle will die on you anyway.

Just stick with the DeWalt, it’s better in every possible way. :smile:

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I agree with DanBrown,
I used the 400W quiet cut and it just gave out on me after about 5 months.
It did get used for hours at a time, but still I have the Dewalt on mine and it works great.
However, if you would like a acme nut block here is a place you can find some.

Have an upgraded Shapeoko 2, with the inventables 611 mount and this is the nut I use.

It worked for both.

I did need a bit longer set of screws.


I wanted to use my 300W spindle until I got the Dewalt 611 so I made a spacer. Works great and still use it now that I have the 611.

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Ooh!! I didn’t thought that solution. I like it! Thanks

Hi, do you have drawings of the spacer? Or dimensions please? Thanks

Spacer is made from a solid turned to the OD then there eight (8) .375 holes drilled on a 2.055 dia. Then the inside dia. Is removed. Last the slot is cut. The spacer is 3.250 inches long, 2.700 OD, 2.055 ID, with 8 .375 inch dia. Holes drilled on the 2.055 inch dia. The saw cut can be whatever, but mine is .062 inches.

Thanks Attached is the drawing, although until now 2 lathe shops told me they won’t build only one piece :frowning:PiezasEspaciador.rar (239.6 KB)