Switching Between UGS and Easel

I am finally trying to setup zeroing my bit using one of Charley’s lovely block setups. One question has anyone figured out a way to switch between UGS and Easel without locking yourself out? I usually would want to have all my stuff ready in Easel then switch to UGS to zero everything and then back to Easel to run the Cut. So far I seem to be having a problem switching, anyone found a good solution?

As Robert said, you have to zero in UGS, move the bit to 0/0/0 (this step is critical…don’t use the “Return to zero” button but issue a Gcode command to move to X and Y zero then to Z zero), close UGS, goto Easel, unlock the machine without homing, set the position to zero, and then start carving.

When switching, you’ll always get a locked message when using homing. This happens because GRBL does like a soft reset when disconnecting and connecting the COM port so it’ll try to force a home. Just tell Easel to unlock it without homing. If you home, you’ll lose zero.


I use UGS to zero, and if I had a really simple cut I just exported the gcode from Easel and load it in UGS and cut…

Good to know.

Thanks for all the input.