Switching Relay for spindle and dust

I was just reading another post about using a relay to switch the router/spindle on and off. which i’ve already got running, but it made me think.

Have you seen the video from “I like to Make stuff” where Bob automates his dust collection using a servo on a blast gate?

In fact he’s done a second one where an ardunio looks at the draw from a tool to open the gate to that tool and close after it stops. Very cleaver.

So to people cleaver than me with ardunio and coding. Could a signal from the X controller which switches the router on and off be used to also control a arduino to open and close a blast gate for the dust collection system?

Yes. Search for IoT relay.

Yeah I have a relay already wired up. It’s a question about taking the voltage output going to the relay and also putting that’s in to an arduino to tell that to open and close a blast gate in the dust collection pipe work.

Trying to get some discussion going on the forum again and collaborate on somthing new and a bit different. Anyone here know much about arduino coding?

Yes. This is all pretty straight forward for an arduino.

Bob explains it pretty well and lists all the components and code. Check the youtube description.

The only thing I would do differently is to decentralize it. Arduino nano’s are only $5 on amazon, and can drive a servo on their own without needing a shield (all arduinos can, but the shield he has lets him drive his whole system). I would let each blast gate be auto controller by it’s matching amp sensor and arduino. It would require it’s own power source per though.

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