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System requirements

Here are some semi-official requirements for running Easel.

###Operating System:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer


  • At least 2GB of system memory
  • At least 100MB of hard drive space


  • This is a tricky one because there are so many graphics setups out there. To use the 3D preview in Easel you will need a graphics setup that supports WebGL. You can use this site to determine if your system supports webgl, and get info on enabling it if possible:
  • VRAM : some graphics cards have devoted video memory. If your system does, it needs at least 64mb of memory to display the 3D preview.

###Input devices

  • Easel is designed primarily for a trackpad or 2 button mouse. It does not use the third mouse button (because of compatibility issues with laptops). It does use the “scroll” functionality of a trackpad / mouse wheel if there is one, although scrollbars are provided for the 2D editor (although, importantly, not for the 3d editor, this is an area to be improved on).
  • Easel has not been tested for use with assistive devices, including screen readers. If you are interested in helping us with this, please contact me.


  • Easel has not been tested for use with built in magnification systems for fonts. This is an area that I think we need to address soon.
  • Fonts, colors and contrast have not been extensively tested for optimized visibility. If you want to help us with this, or are having trouble with a part of the site, please create a thread in this category.

Easel does run in XP.


Thanks! Updated.

on my machine easel runs a lot better once i upgraded from vista to win 7

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Will this program work with an epilog laser?

Easel is designed to be used with Inventables machines running grbl.

9 year old says Easel runs very slowly, to the point of unusability, on a second generation iPad.
it was worth a try.
She also says it seems very easy to use and she hopes to get a new laptop soon so she can do more with it.
Have you thought about a kids edition, or are we all using it already?

Good morning. Can I use the v carve mill on the easel?

Were you able to carve from the iPad or just able to build a project? I lost my laptop (due to work taking it back) and was going to try and see if I could build a project on desktop and initiate the carve from my iPad. Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tested Easel on a iPad yet but I see no reason why it wouldn’t run on a iPad Pro (or iPhone 7).

I will test today and let you know how it goes.

If you have not already found out you cannot use the iPad to do any milling. It requires easel local to be running in the background and no such programme exists for the iPad and is unlikely to ever exist.

In terms of designing it should be possible. However anything smaller than the pro is highly unlikely to be a pleasant experience due to the size of the screen. And even then I would still prefer a desktop or laptop.

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Yep, without a driver the iPad cannot proceed. If you’re looking for extreme portability then the Macbook would be the closest to the iPad way to go.

For a tablet you can use iPad to design but not send to the machine at this time Sept 2016. You can use a windows tablet as the Easel driver can be installed and they have USB ports.

We are exploring alternatives but nothing is ready to be announced.

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I’ve looking through the forum, so I apologize if this has been covered…

Our school has moved to using only browser apps that are html5 compatible and software that does not require Flash or Java installed on the system to run. Is this the case for Easel and whatever I need installed on our pcs to run?

Easel does not use flash or java.

You will need to be able to install Easel Local on the pc’s to act as a middleman between the browser and the controller. So long as the PC’s meet the specs above and the IT department will allow you to install it you should be good.

Bluetooth carving?!?!?! Wifi carving?!?!?! Embedded Raspberry Pi?!?!?! The wheels must be a turnin’ over at Inventables.

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Will Easel work with an x-carve that isn’t using the x-carve controller? I mean is it possible to designate a different serial or usb port? Or even send GRBL via TCP/IP?

Any update on this front? I just got rid of my carve driving machine. Much to my chagrin, I’ve purchased an ipad, for another hobby that handcuffs you to an app only developed for Apple products and it would be great to drive my carves from that.

Also, how about android tablets…I see you mentioned that Windows tablets will work.


Windows or Mac currently

Windows tablets still work.

iPads don’t have a USB so there is no way to plug it in.

Chromebooks don’t have the driver yet.

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Any word on a android app version soon? I use a system not in my home, long story short,that does not have a dedicated computer with it. Love to load up something I’ve made elsewhere and run it on this community shared carver. Thanks!