T slot nut M5 all the same?

New here and I tried to find a post with this info but was not able to. The T slot nut M5 is listed in several spots in the check list and each package I have has a different amount than what the list says I should have. Some larger amounts some lower. Does anyone know if they are all the same size and can be used in different spots?

There are some differences between the two styles. There are pre and post nuts. One type just slides in the slot and the other has spring loaded pieces to keep it in place. There is a 3rd type that I’ve seen on my 3d printer kit, that twists and stays in place too. I have myself mixed and matched the two styles on things I’ve put together, they both work, but if you want something that’s hard to align stay in place in an awkward spot, then the spring loaded one is the one your want.

Thanks for the info I was talking more about the pre assembly t nut because there are several packages with them all with different SKU but I made it work