T slot nut

I was wondering if someone could give me the dimensions of 5mm t slot nuts? I can’t get 5 mm where I live in Canada so Iam going to go with 1/4 20 but there is about 10 different sizes available.

There’s a CAD file on the product page:

I ordered tons of them from Misumi, quite quick to arrive too! If by off chance you’re in Vancouver i can spare some. If you want to order some i can give you the exact part number.

Thanks Cristian for the offer, would you mind measuring one for me? I have everything now in 1/4 just have to get the right size for the t-slot nuts.

@Kasba the ones that came with the x-carve are 10mm x 15mm x 1.5mm; the ones i bought from Misumi are actually shaped like the extrusion slot and are 10mm x 10mm x 4mm

Here’s a photo (left x-carve, right Misumi):

Thanks much appreciated Cristian.

I also purchased extra hardware from misumi. I received the same Tslot nuts that INVENTABLES sells. Aka the one on the left in the photo above.

So I assume Misumi sells more than one style. Size is the important factor.

Would these work for post assembly in the excarve? trying to find away from the shipping cost. I want to use these, the bolts and the workspace angle brackets to mount to the table. much like in the picture. If i can find the angle brackets as well. Or if anyone else has an idea.table mount

Yes those will work, I bought some and used them. I also bought the corner brackets

Thanks @russellcrawford

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Sorry hit the wrong button, @RussellCrawford on another note, what do you use to shine up epoxy inlay after the fine grit sanding?
@PhillipLunsford suggeted headlight polish, I have not used any of that before, was wondering if maybe a rubbing compound or car wax would work and if there will be any issues by using any products that will effect the way the poly goes on?

I can not help you with that. I have done very little epoxy work. But headlight polish and compound are basically the same thing. I’m sure if @PhillipLunsford suggested it then he has used it and it works.
Good Luck