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T Slot wasteboard

Just got an email saying mine is shipping which is pretty cool.

Just curious if anyone else has gotten theirs already, and if they could post pics

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Just got the same email. Mine comes in Wednesday!

Mine will also be here Wednesday (9/29)

Mine was delayed. Was supposed to show up yesterday, didn’t.

I just got mine, took about 30 minutes to install.

Would you mind taking a pic so I have an idea of the orientation when I install? I didnt see any instructions.


Thank you! I went looking for the video, I must’ve missed it.

I am curious. That says step 15. How did you find the video? I went back through the and it still shows 1-13.

They sent it along with the notice that they had shipped the new T Slot washboard. It was a link in the email. I am sure that they will update the complete video series to share once they are shipping the T slot as the native component.

Mine arrived yesterday, I plan to install it this weekend!

Oh wow, i’m kinda dejected now because I got my x-carve but did not receive the waste board package or shipping information regarding it. How close to the x-carve arriving did you get the other notification?

I got my xcp back in April I think.

Then just recently received the upgraded t slot