T-Tack Holes

Does anyone have the exact spacing for the x and y axis? I know that they are different spacing. I am trying to make a fence to square up project on the table. Thanks.

Or if someone already has the plans that would be great too.

Just made these this morning if that is what you are looking for.

The hole are the correct spacing for the T-Track wasteboard? Thank you for that.

Bolts right up.Edit that that is for the old style waste board sorry.

those are spaced at 75mm that’s the standard X-Carve I believe

there’s a template here that appears to be laid out for the XCP but it’s setup for a laser cutter These holes are spaced at 72.5mm centerline spacing:

Here’s the 72.5mm spaced one setup in Easel. The first file is the lines and numbers if you want to carve that.
I don’t have the XCP, but can you confirm that this works If you do use it? Thanks!

This one worked.

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Thanks for all the help.

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