Tab issues

I just cut a circuit card on my Xcarve. The design includes some tabs in the final cutout. When the machine is cutting clockwise the z lifts at each tab. Then the machine reversed direction along the same path and just cuts through the tab. This almost blew the carve. Any thoughts on this?

Reversing direction on a profile cut is not typical. I have never seen that. That indicates a pocket cut.
I suspect if you look closely there is additional lines in your design.


From what I can see it is a single line. Zoomed in to max in Easel. Maybe I’ll look at the GCode for this.

The circuit is JasonBastedo’s LED light ring for the Dewalt 611. Just cut his SVG file conversion.

Zoom in and doubleclick on the line to bring up the points editor… that will tell you if one line or two. My svg imports frequently have a secret double line that plays havoc.

If there is a double line, click on a point and then start tapping the delete button til its gone.

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