Tab question

I used an icon from the easel pull down menu and I want to cut it right through so I made the depth the thickness of my material. However I don’t get the automatic tab drop down> What am I doing wrong please?

Thank you in advance,


When you set your depth of cut to cut all the way through the stock, you should see a radio button below the depth slider ““USE TABS”” if the box is checked you should see yellow tabs on the work piece. if you do not see tabs or the option to use tabs, you have not set your depth deep enough

you have it set to outline correct not fill?

Hi Robert and Kyle,

Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated. Yea, silly my realized I didn’t have on outline. Still learning. Again, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi friends, i have a problem with tabs.
in the drawing area, tabs are shown correctly but in preview area no!
while carving, tabs are not carved too!
I tried with pro version and there, tabs works!
it seems there is a bug on free version of easel for tabs.

Share your project.

thank you for your answer, I can see the yellow on my pieces but I do not see the fasteners on the materials, and in machining it is not made either
thank you