Tab settings

I am doing a lot of very thin acrylic work, and have sussed out how to change the tab dimensions when cutting a path. I like 4mm long and 0.5mm thick. But the idiot operator forgets sometimes and the pieces he cuts with the default tab settings do not break cleanly and crack either side of the cut. Not good

So, how can I change the defaults?

you have complete control over them

You can also drag the tabs to where they’re best positioned in the design.

I think Adam is indicating there is a default setting for the tabs.
Is that true or does it remember your last choice?

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I don’t think so. It’s easy to change … and it stays changed for any one file, but no default I know of.

As I said. I know how to do that. But the defaults are not conducive to my designs.

Easy to change but if you forget then I blow a $45 sheet of acrylic.

Is this something that could be changed in the mysterious GRBL place?

As I understand it tabs are a part of design.
GRBL only does what it is told from the design.
There used to be an issue where the tabs were not carried over when an item was copied. Not sure if that still exists.