Table Finishing Touch added by X Carve

My outdoor table had reached the end of its life and so my Wife decided WE wanted another.

I bought a couple of cheap timber slabs from the local hardware shop, a couple of strips of pine, two 3m lengths of angle iron and some black painted square tubing.

Slabs were sanded flat and the pine had the words “Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends” carved into it and then filled with black resin. A basic square frame was made from the angle iron and then the black steel legs were also welded into place.

Using some threaded rod, I made some bench clamps to pull the slabs together against the pine, and then the whole thing was screwed to the steel frame.

Should look Ok with a few coats of clear.

A seriously big table for about $250 (Aussie dollars - that’s about 78c US). Perfect for BBQ’s and late night, alcohol-fuelled world-saving discussions. Sufficiently robust for Zorba style table dancing…


@AngusMcleod, whilst there is a smear of glue along the edge, the table top components are all screwed to the angle iron frame. To keep the individual pieces together and make sure there were no gaps, I made some “kitchen bench” style bolts from some threaded steel rod (this image is what I found on the internet, but it’s basically similar to what I made).

My rationale was that these bits of wood will probably all move somewhat as the weather changes (I’m in Western Australia - temps will range from freezing to 45 degrees C or more). Doing it this way, I can tighten the joints if necessary and undo it and adjust things or replace the centre strip as I want.

Looks much nicer now with a a few coats of clear. Centre is gloss, the slabs either side are finished in ‘satin’ or ‘flat’ sealer.