Table hold downs

Im playing around with easel and for my first project in easel I want to make some table hold clamps.
What I need to know since I don’t have an x carve is what the spacing is between the nuts that are in the table and are they spaced the same for the 500x500 as the 1000x1000? and also what size nuts are they? Is there some dimension for this online?

when I get this figured out and drawn up maybe someone could cut it out for me and see if they work?? This project is just to get me use to easel.

I dug around and found the dimensions for the 1000x1000 hope fully the 500x500 waste board nut holes are the same spacing apart too.

does someone want to give this a try? hopefully the holes line up correctly. I did this all in easel. Some problems I see which would make easel much easier, being able to draw straight lines, also a way to scale the grid to what dimension you want. This is set to be cut on 1/2" wood. I hope some can cut it out, id love to see how it comes out. Any ideas to inprove it would be great too. Thanks

@BillDupont, If I have time to run by one of the big stores on my way home and grab some 1/2" stock, I can try to run this off tonight. I’m still running practice cuts. This will give me a chance to run something useful.

keep me posted.

Bill, I’m still learning easel myself, but what I think I see in looking at your easel file is that the sides of your clamps are going to be too close to the slots. The edges are showing up red, which is an indicator that you’ll run into problems. Even dropping to a 1/16" bit still leaves the edges too close. Since you’re trying to learn easel, you may want to go back and take a look at that and see about making a slight alteration to the width. Otherwise, I can modify it myself tonight. Your choice.